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Quake 3 Arena Wallpapers

Quake 3 wallpaper Flisk

Quake 3 Arena - Flisk Wallpaper

This is part of an ongoing project to design a full set of Q3 wallpapers, for free download. The Quake 3 wallpapers are currently displayed on fileplanet and have been featured on the front page of Planet Quakes' website. They are Designed in 3 desktop sizes. This flisk wallpaper has also just been featured on the Photoshop Brushes website.
Quake 3 wallpaper Crash

Quake 3 Arena - Crash Wallpaper

The wallpapers are started by doing high res screenshots of the players, which are then digitally integrated with design ideas, and colour coded depending on the model featured.
Quake 3 wallpaper Xaero

Quake 3 Arena - Xearo Wallpaper

This is the first quake 3 wallpaper I designed featuring Xearo, my good friend Diesel X helped take the model shots, amidst the usual comedy moments.
Quake 3 wallpaper Uriel

Quake 3 Arena - Uriel Wallpaper

Mean and Green, what more can I say!
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